Noise in the Brain and Free Will

Noise in the Brain and Free Will

There is an interesting article authored a couple of years ago by Dr Jesse Bengson’s team at the University of California on how EEG “background noise” appears to be important for decision-making.  I find this particularly interesting because it is consistent with one of my ideas about how neurofeedback works.  I believe that in order for the brain to learn, it must spontaneously explore its operating range, and this only happens when there is chaos or noise.  We all have found that  a “stuck” brain will not learn, and that is one reason we tend to apply “unsticking” interventions such as pEMF, EMDR, ISF, and other methods.  So this article not only shows how “noise” is important for decision-making, but that it may be essential to the very existence of choice, or free will.


I hope you will “choose” to read this, and ponder its implications.


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