BrainAvatar Muse Mood EEG for mental health counseling and psychotherapy

BrainAvatar Muse Mood EEG for Mental Health Counseling and Psychotherapy

We are proud to announce a special partnership between BrainMaster Technologies Inc. and InteraXon, creators of Muse: the brain-sensing headband. As many of you know, we announced the new “BrainAvatar Muse“ software platform at ISNR on October 16, 2014. Pairing the rich experience of BrainAvatar’s advanced proprietary technology with Muse’s clinical-grade, 7-sensor, 4-channel EEG platform, packaged in a simple, approachable design, creates a powerful, cost-effective neuromonitoring and neurofeedback solution.  The initial title in this series, “BrainAvatar Muse Mood,” provides an evidence-based, real-time indicator of frontal activation patterns related to emotional decision-making processes.  The science behind this application has been published in Journal of Neurotherapy, Neuroconnections, Counseling Today, and Advances in Mind/Body Medicine.  This is a revealing and useful new tool for practitioners including counselors, therapists, coaches, and business professionals.  BrainAvatar Muse Mood for PC and Mac is currently available in beta release, and further titles (both nonclinical and clinical) will become available as they are developed and deployed.  BrainMaster is the exclusive developer and provider of clinical applications for Muse, and will be releasing a series of apps in 2015 for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android (Google, Samsung, etc).

For information and examples of data and publications related to the BrainAvatar Muse, and our first title, “BrainMaster Muse Mood,” use the following link:

The BrainAvatar Muse series is available for PC and Mac.  The Muse EEG headband can be purchased from a variety of retail and online outlets, and is rapidly becoming a standard.  As a direct outcome of our partnership, Brainmaster and InteraXon would like to extend to the BrainMaster community an invitation to join the Muse Professionals Program. This program features support from the teams at InteraXon and BrainMaster, and preferred pricing on Muse headbands and add-on software.  At the core of this program is the Muse Professional Starter Pack. This starter pack includes 1 Muse headband for demonstration and 5 Muse headbands for resale at the MSRP of $299 each, or for use in your practice. The Starter Pack price is $1199, and further Professional Packs of 6 Muse headbands can be purchased at preferred pricing of $1380 ($230 per headband).

To take advantage of this opportunity to buy Muses from Interaxon at the professional pricing, click here:

The BrainAvatar Muse Mood software which you add to your Muses, is available from BrainMaster for $495 per Muse, and 6-pack pricing is also available.  You will purchase the software from BrainMaster, and you can also purchase Muses with software from BrainMaster if you prefer.  If you already have Muses, or get your Muses from Interaxon, it does not cost you any penalty to get the software from us.  A Muse with BrainAvatar Muse Mood software, from BrainMaster, has a price of $795, a new price point for a clinical-quality 4-channel EEG with the unique functions of BrainMaster Muse Mood.

You can download the software and evaluate it in a simple demo mode for no cost, and you can then purchase the full package from BrainMaster whenever you want.

To download the BrainAvatar Muse Mood software for your Muses, click here:

While we are adding the Muse device and software to our store, we can process orders at


Tom, Terri, Bill and the team

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