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    • LORETA Current Density Normative Database for NeuroGuide Deluxe The LORETA normative database uses the Key Institute’s ‘T’ matrix and cross-spectrum equations to compute the cross-spectrum of the EEG from each subject in the NeuroGuide normative database for each 2,394 gray matter pixel. The NeuroGuide software was tested by comparisons to the Key Institute software programs After log10 transformation of the Key Institute current density values, the means and standard deviations of the 2,394 LORETA currents were computed for different age groups from birth to 82 years, thus enabling a Z score to be computed for each of the 2,394 gray matter pixels and displayed using the LORETA viewer and the Key Institute cross-spectral equations. Time domain export is also available using NeuroGuide so that individual EEG events can be examined in detail in the time domain as well as to compare source localization in the frequency domain.


BrainMaster Technologies Inc honors ANI’s policy of one permanent license per computer. This includes one annual backup license.

SKU: 533-406A


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