NeuroGuide 19 Channel RZT training module


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    • 1-19 Channel Z Score Biofeedback for NeuroGuide Deluxe Z Score Biofeedback for NeuroGuide is up to 19 channel Surface EEG Z score biofeedback, including average reference, linked ears, and Laplacian real-time Z scores. Real-time, coherence, phase difference, power, amplitude asymmetry, phase shift, and phase lock duration Z scores Includes a Symptom Check List and Surface EEG Z Scores to help structure a biofeedback protocol design. LORETA Z scores measured during a QEEG analysis are also used to further aid in the development of a neurofeedback protocol.


BrainMaster Technologies Inc honors ANI’s policy of one permanent license per computer. This includes one annual backup license.

SKU: 533-415A


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