19Ch 3-D LORETA Z-Score NFT for NeuroGuide


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    • 19 channel 3-Dimensional LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback for NeuroGuide Deluxe Z-Score biofeedback of Brodmann areas in the brain. “Hubs”, “Modules”, and “Default Mode Network” and 3-dimensional locations registered to a reference MRI. Includes ‘Live’ LORETA Coherence & Phase Differences from 88 Brodmann areas. The neurofeedback protocol is based on a Symptom Check List combined with LORETA Z Scores measured during a QEEG analysis to aid in linking patient’s symptoms and complaints to functional specialization in the brain.


BrainMaster Technologies Inc honors ANI’s policy of one permanent license per computer. This includes one annual backup license.

SKU: 533-417A


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