Jewel is a report generator that follows a symptom check list. Output easy to read client reports. Brain Maps are easy to read. Almost 1000 jewel DB Z-Score training protocol combinations are available. No other database is needed. Protocol combinations include 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 channel Z-Score training. Protocols can be run with movies, photic stimulation or BrainMaster’s BioPlay games. Jewel is PC mounted, unlimited maps are created without using the internet. QEEG data are acquired and edited using BrainAvatar Analysis software. Protocols are read into BrainAvatar with just a few mouse clicks.
Jewel Maps can be created with less than 19 Channels. For example, Brain Maps can be created with just 7 channels for Freedom 7 with Jewel’s surface z-scores.

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