Zukor’s Drive “Peak Performance Upgrade”



As an upgrade to Zukor’s Drive “Clinical Version” the “Peak Performance Upgrade” can be added to offer both diversity and intensity to the feedback training. Zukor’s Drive “Peak Performance Upgrade” include 5 more intense driving modes (chase, drag racing, race, competition and Zombie Apocalypse), 20 more tracks (forests, islands, desert, cities, auto race tracks, oval race tracks, fantasy tracks, stunt tracks), plus 100 more vehicles (classic cars, dragsters, emergency vehicles, fantasy, military, muscle cars, off-road vehicles, race cars, road warrior vehicles, sports cars, toon cars, truck and more), plus many more features to add intensity (night mode, snow, rain, fog, cops chasing, manual steering).

You must have Zukor’s Drive “Clinical Version” to use the “Peak Performance Upgrade.”


SKU: 533-519A

System Requirements

– Zukor Drive License

Whats Included?

– Zukor Drive Add-On Key from Zukor