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Zukor’s Air is a flying-themed feedback game featuring airplanes (modern and historic), animals (parrot, bat, bald eagle, etc.), insects (butterfly, bumble bee, etc.), dragons, a flying pink pig and more. Zukor’s Air will appeal to patients of all ages, including young children, girls, boys, teenagers and adults. The goal of Zukor’s Air is to fly across the Pacific ocean, from San Francisco to Japan, and along the way to fly through rings in the air for points. Zukor’s Air is optimized for clinical neurofeedback and biofeedback, which means it has a gameplay dynamic that emphasizes relaxed focus. (A future version will be available for peak performance.) Zukor’s Air has three modality presets (3 band “SMR” neurofeedback, Z-Score neurofeedback, 2 band biofeedback), plus a custom modality setup that allows up to eight bands tied to either the primary gameplay or a secondary action within the game. Zukor’s Air is a quantum leap forward in feedback games, both in terms of graphics and features/options. It includes even more clinician customizable game features and options than the groundbreaking Zukor’s Grind, but also adds “dynamic” events so that each game run is completely unique. This means if your patient plays the game in 50 training sessions they will never experience the same thing twice!

SKU: 533-513A


Whats Included?

– Zukor’s Air Installer
– Passkey enabled for Zukor’s Air