ZPlus LZT Add-on for Discovery


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    • ZPlus is an add-on software to the existing Z-Score Software, which introduces two new family of metrics, plus additional displays. PZMO(PZ Motive) provides an overall assessment of the instantaneous movement of all Z-Scores that are outside the specified range. PZMO uses the concepts from physics to introduce the idea of “momentum” of the Z-Scores, which reflects their “velocity”, “direction”, and also a weighting factor suggesting their “mass”. PZME(PZ Measure) provides a measure of the mean size of all Z-Scores that are outside of the target range. For every Z-Score considered, its distance from zero(normal) is computed, and these are combined into population mean(average). This provides a simple assessment of how abnormal all Z-Scores are as a group. Also included with ZPlus, are two new displays.


    • Z-Bars, which shows all Z-Scores as bars with dynamic lines that show short-term changes. Z-Maps are live maps of the Z-Scores that can be used for training or for following training progress. There are two types of maps. “Instantaneous” maps show the moment-to-moment changes, and can change rapidly. We also offer “damped” maps, which show the damped Z-Score, which is what is also used in the text display.


PLEASE NOTE: This software add-on is designed to function with the BrainMaster Live Z-Score Training, and will not function stand-alone. For a more detailed descriptions of all these add-ons, please click the link here.

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