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This software interfaces with the BrainMaster system and provides EEG-controlled photic stimulation when used with various photic devices. This software provides a high level of EEG-controlled light stimulation. It allows you to select the frequency of the stimulation (1 to 20 flashes per second) and to set up the EEG parameters that control the stimulation. This opens the door to powerful nonvolitional techniques that guide the brain quickly into desired states. Provides functions similar to systems costing many times more.

The StimFlash software allows you to define a separate protocol for the photic stimulation that operates independently, or in coordination with the EEG training protocol that is being used. Thus, it is possible to control the stimulation based, for example, on only the theta, or the alpha, or any combination of brainwaves, regardless of the protocol being used for the visual and auditory training. This additional flexibility allows the photic stimulation to provide an additional level of control, to suppress slow waves, or to provide relaxing stimulation, depending on the training goals. Please Note: This software is meant to be used in conjunction with a photic device. For a list a different compatible devices see the knowledge base here.

SKU: 520-005A

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