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Improve your diagnostic procedures and assess your treatment efficacy by using the Psychological Assessment subscription from qEEG-Pro. The scientifically validated and normed neuropsychological tests and questionnaires can be administered online. Scoring is 100% automatic and the results are depicted in high-quality, easy-to-read reports.

Unlimited use of the Neuropsychological Test Battery and Questionnaire set.

Available Neuropsychological Tests:

  • Continuous Performance Test (CPT; Sustained Attention)
  • Corsi Test (Short-Term Memory)
  • Stroop Test (Selective Attention)
  • Finger Tapping Test (General Neuropsychological Functioning)
  • Rey’s Visual Design Learning Test (RVDLT; Long-Term Memory)
  • Emotional Recognition Test (ERT; Emotional Recognition)

Available Questionnaires:

  • ADS-7 (Addictions)
  • ASRS-v1 (ADHD)
  • GAD-7 (Anxiety)
  • AQ-20 (Autism)
  • PHQ-9 (Depression)
  • ARHQ (Dyslexia)
  • OESI (Epilepsy)
  • EMQ-R (Memory)
  • OCI-R (OCD)
  • PQ-B (Psychosis)
  • sPSQI (Sleep)
  • RPQ (TBI)

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