QEEG Pro Software

Using a combination of state-of-the-art research methods, high-end equipment, clinical expertise, and experience, QEEG-Pro offers extensive and concise reports in conjunction with affordability and quick turnaround. The QEEG-Pro Report Generator was constructed with the Neurofeedback therapist in mind and includes all major analyses such as Z-scored Amplitude, Phase Coherence, and Alpha Peak Detection.

qEEG-Pro offers an easy, reliable and affordable qEEG report service with the fastest turnaround time available (24/7/365). qEEG-Pro offers extensive qEEG reports based on the qEEG-Pro database. qEEG-Pro reports include all the major qEEG analyses like Z-scored Amplitude, Phase Coherence and Alpha Peak Detection. However, qEEG-Pro is also on the cutting edge of qEEG developments, by providing advanced sLORETA source reconstruction analyses and other innovative, highly useful metrics such as Extreme Z-score Development, Fluctuation Time and Percentage Deviant Activity.

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