The Neurofeedback Book, An Introduction to Basic Concepts in Applied Psychophysiology

– Michael Thompson & Lynda Thompson




There have been impressive advancements in the area of applied neuroscience and brain computer interface training since The Neurofeedback Book was published, by AAPB, over a decade ago. Though a number of excellent books have been published in the interim – most of them edited texts with different contributors sharing their expertise in the field – there is still no other text that brings together in one book an overview of all information relevant to the effective practice of neurofeedback.
The long-awaited, 800-page text contains all relevant information from the first edition and includes all content in the separately sold, Functional Neuroanatomy (organized with reference to networks, lobes of the brain, 10-20 sites and Brodmann areas) – featuring over 100 plates/illustrations.
Praise for The Neurofeedback Book, 2nd edition:
This new edition of The Neurofeedback Book provides a broad and updated overview of the field of neurofeedback. It includes, for perhaps the first time in this field, comprehensive sections on relevant neuroanatomy, as well as theoretical functional physiology. This is a must-read tome for anyone interested in neurofeedback, and one that objectively and comprehensively addresses some of the inaccurate criticisms of this field.
– M. Barry Sterman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, UCLA
For beginners, this book has all you need for getting started using evidence based approaches grounded in years of clinical experience. For non-beginners, you will be surprised by how your clinical performance will improve if you utilize the tips and techniques in this book.
– Vietta Wilson, PhD, Senior Scholar, York University

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