Particle Editor by Somatic Vision (Neuro Game)


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Add-on Neurofeedback tool. 2000 Objects, 138 Backgrounds, 79 Particle Types, 26 Feedback Types, 20 Preset Mini Games, Infinite Possibilities. These are not video clips. The graphics of these mini games are created by Particle Editor in response to bio/neurological changes. Load any of the 20+ included systems and enjoy the original music and full color, full motion feedback of Particle Editor where flowers, fish and beautiful abstract graphics are the feedback. When you are ready, take Particle Editor to the next level by using the Particle design tools to create custom systems that use images, music, color, size speed and movement as unique and highly responsive feedback.

SKU: 533-501A

System Requirements

– (Software) Brainmaster 2.5SE, 3.0, Discovery 1.0, or BrainAvatar

Whats Included?

– Particle Editor Application
– BrainMaster Passkey enabled for Particle editor


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