NeuroGuide Deluxe


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    • NeuroGuide imports files from the Discovery Software. It provides a retrospective view of EEG waveforms and offline artifact rejection. NeuroGuide also offers calculations of Spectral Energy, Power and Coherence along with discriminant Functions, Signal Generator, LORETA Norms, and Brain Performance Index(QEEG Information). NeuroGuide features automated import of BrainMaster Discovery(EDF) files. NeuroGuide Deluxe was built from 625 normative comparisons of relative power, absolute power, power ratios, coherence, and phase and amplitude asymmetry. It uses a Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) with .5Hz and 1Hz resolution to provide color headmaps with a bandwidth of 0-40Hz, a Joint-Time-Frequency Analysis component to identify time events greater or less than a threshold value, and LORETA analysis too. All of this over 19 channels of incoming information, offering flexibility in montage selection and easy exploration into other programs, making this a remarkable, versatile, and in-depth tool.

BrainMaster Technologies Inc honors ANI’s policy of one permanent license per computer. This includes one annual backup license.


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