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An extension of BrainMasters patented StimFlash” technology, the new MicroTesla subthreshold stimulators provide a new dimension to neurofeedback. Used as an alternative to photic or auditory stimulation, MicroTesla devices provide extremely low levels of magnetic fields useful for neurofeedback and self-regulation. Stimulation can be EEG controlled using precise timing and protocols, or using simple multi-frequency stimulation. The MicroTesla devices can be driven by the Atlantis Photic or Auditory stimulation outputs, and will operate with all existing BrainMaster AVS software. This includes the built-in immersive stimulation capability, as well as PC-controlled protocols such as peak frequency, variable frequency, and BrainMasters patented brainwave pattern reduction protocol (US6931275), and repetitive stimulation steady-state evoked potential method (US7269456).


When used with the Atlantis Photic output, it can operate in a pulsed mode with a rate ranging from one pulse/minute, to 300 pulses/second. The auditory output can be modulated using a sine wave pattern, with a rate from 20 Hz to 4,000 Hz. Because the MicroTesla is 10,000,000 times weaker than traditional rTMS devices, it does not generate action potentials. Its effects are all subthreshold, and consist of information, not direct control of neuronal activity. Because the intensity is so low, it can operate at faster frequencies, and does not generate any heat or other tissue-related changes. The magnetic field is on the same order as that from a pair of earbuds, which people wear every day. The difference with the MicroTesla is that the control and timing of the frequencies is optimized for relaxation and self-regulation training.


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SKU: 392-011

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 in

Whats Included?

2 – Coil pods
1 – Splitter
1 – MicroTesla Stim license
1 – User manual
– Cabling