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Consists of a hollow, screwlike plastic retainer containing a felt wrapper that encloses a standard gold cup electrode. They are used with a retaining ring that can be inserted in a headband, hat, or other holder. This provides a simple, clean, self-abrading and self-cleaning, paste-free and gel-free contact. Used for EEG, EMG, EKG and related body potential recording. Ideal in cases where it is difficult to get a good connection, especially through hair. Electrode lead color our choice. Easy to apply and remove. Leaves hair clean without a trace of goo. A must in keeping teenagers and adults happy to come back.


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SKU: 621-012

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 13 in

Whats Included?

3 – FlexTrode Assemblies
1 – Head band
1 – Cross-strip
1 – Bottle of Electro Mist
1 – FlexTrode Saline Water Bottle
1 – FlexTrode Storage Cup
1 – NuPrep Gel