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The Echo sets a new affordability point with its price and full set of features and functions. Like a real echo, our product can be many things. It is a smaller version of something that came before it. It is a response to a call. It is a way to reflect information about the brain and body  to the brain and body  in ways that were not possible before.


First and foremost, the Echo functions as a mini-Atlantis. It contains 2 AUX channels as well as the 2-channel Photic stimulator output. In addition, the device can gather information about the brain and body, including temperature, pulse, hemoencephalography, or heart rate. Using the BrainMaster BrainAvatar 4.0 series of software, Echo can also be used to acquire signals, produce feedback or stimulation, and license software packages.


Additional features include the following:
– Programmable photic/magnetic stimulator
– Biofeedback-controlled photic stimulation
– Transcranial/transdermal magnetic stimulation
– Biofeedback monitoring/training of temperature, HEG
– Heart-rate variability biofeedback with HeartMath ear or finger sensor
– Licensing of BrainMaster and third-party software


Non-Affiliate Price – $695
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SKU: 386-028

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BrainMaster Echo

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