Atlantis I Event Triggers


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    • The BrainMaster Event Push Buttons allow marking EEG recordings with event information initiated by the patient or clinician. There are push button sets for the Atlantis I and Discovery 24 modules. During an EEG session, a user can be instructed to press a hand-held push button to indicate an event or respond to a condition. The patient or clinician’s action will be recorded as a pulse on one of the EEG tracks during an EEG session, thus enabling the analysis of EEG data at specified events — precisely synchronized with EEG data. The two push buttons used with the Atlantis module allow data to be recorded on Event 1 and Event 2. The hand-held buttons are marked with small dots, indicating the push button’s recording channel. On the Atlantis set, the push button marked with one dot will transfer a pulse to “Event 1”, while the button marked with two dots will send data to “Event 2”.


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