1 Year Discovery Affiliate Membership



When you purchase a complete BrainMaster system (Discovery 24E), not only do you own the finest Neurofeedback system available, but you are now a member of our BrainMaster family. And as such, you have certain rights and benefits including, but not necessarily limited to:

Extended Warranty
The extended warranty covers the cost of parts and labor should any unforeseen problem arise with your BrainMaster Module. While every one of our units is hand-crafted to our specifications right here in Ohio, as with all things electronic, sometimes things happen. A typical repair, if not covered by warranty, is subject to a minimum service fee of $100. The maximum charge for extensive repair could be many times that amount. Affiliate Members receive repairs and replacements (at our discretion) at no additional charge. A potentially huge savings.
PLEASE NOTE: With your Affiliate Membership, you receive a single complimentary Extended Warranty. Should you own multiple BrainMaster Devices, you do need to purchase an Extended Warranty for all other BrainMaster Devices you own.

Technical Support
With your Affiliate Membership, not only is the Extended warranty included for your BrainMaster device but, you also receive complimentary Technical Support, provided by the BrainMaster Technical Support staff. Customers not under the Affiliate Membership, must pay for technical support, with varying costs.
List Server Membership
Your list server membership gives you 24/7 access to experts in the industry as well as BrainMaster family members for any operational or technical ideas or suggestions others have discovered in their experience providing Neurofeedback for clients. List server membership allows the new practitioner and all Neurofeedback professionals, the chance to freely exchange ideas and experiences and to interact with other BrainMaster users.

Web Site Listing
Our web site listing service will give you the opportunity to grow your business by advertising your practice. You may choose either a classified listing on our Affiliate Membership locator pages, or you may request your own web page space in which you can place photos and a description of your practice, which you will need to provide. You may list your credentials, specialization, experience, and information that you feel will help new BrainMaster users and/or potential clients to find your clinic. We will provide links to your E-Mail address or your own website, if you have one. The value of this opportunity to reach the Neurofeedback community alone exceeds the cost of your Affiliate Membership.

Preferred Pricing: PCCP (Progressive Clinician Courtesy Program)

As you progress in Neurofeedback, you will want to expand your horizons and add certain elements to your offerings. As an Affiliate Member, you can do so at a reduced price of between 10% and 40% off our non-member prices.

For those interested in expanding into Remote Training or increasing their in-clinic use of BrainMaster equipment, BrainMaster has created a partnership through PCCP that allows the clinician to obtain additional equipment or software at a deeper-discount. This additional membership is provided at no additional cost based on a continuing purchase commitment and maintaining an active Affiliate Membership. These benefits are provided without additional charge to you for the first year as part of the Courtesy Affiliate membership provided with your initial purchase.

To continue receiving these benefits after the conclusion of your first year, you will need to maintain an active Affiliate Membership by purchasing a yearly or bi-yearly renewal.

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