BrainMaster Multi Media Player

The BrainMaster Multimedia Player software is an optional add-on tool box that also provides advanced animations and sounds for neurofeedback training. It can play animation files(avi, mpg, mpeg, & wmv), and will automatically adjust the animation to suit whatever protocol is being used. Any sounds built into the animation will also be played and controlled with the animation. Dozens of animations are included, and can be downloaded from here. You can add your own as well at any time. Sound files (wav, mp3, mp4) can be selected and played, regardless of the animation files being used. The system can also be used for sound-only feedback, using saved sound files. The MMP can also play CDs directly. Alpha/Theta training software included as well.

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  • MultiMedia Player w/EEG Audio

    BrainMaster Multi Media Player $450.00 Select options
  • Fractal Animations for MultiMedia Player

    BrainMaster Multi Media Player $120.00 Select options