BrainMaster Technologies Inc. Policies

A comprehensive list of our most updated policies
The following is the warranty and support policy on BrainMaster Mini-Q I/II, 2E, 2EB, 2EB+, 2EW, Atlantis I/II, Discovery 20, and
Discovery 24 systems purchased from BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. or an authorized reseller. The Mini-Q I/II, 2E, 2EB, 2EB+, 2EW.
Atlantis I/II, Discovery 20 and 24 devices are initially guaranteed for a period of 90 days against any defects in materials and workmanship.
All electrodes, ear clips or sensors and headgear are covered for warranty for a period of 90 days for parts and labor only. The limited warranty
shall only be in effect when the Client registers said module by returning the BrainMaster Registration Form 531-019 (supplied with this product)
within the 90 day limited warranty period to the manufacturer (BrainMaster Technologies) via postal service, signed email or fax. For international
clients, the 90 day limited warranty begins automatically on the date when the software passkey is allocated to the client or reseller. BrainMaster
Technologies, Inc. is not required to cover warranty on any product unregistered per the manufacturer’s stated policy.

Warranty service and support must be obtained by contacting BrainMaster Technologies, Inc., by calling 440-232-6000, or via email
at: Should the manufacturer determine that a device requires service at the manufacturer’s facility, the Client must
obtain an (RGA#) Return Goods Authorization number from the manufacturer prior to shipping the module to the manufacturer. The RGA#
must be placed on the outside and inside of the shipping container. Modules or devices returned without RGA# will not be guaranteed warranty
service and may be returned to sender. It is the Client’s responsibility to pay for shipping to the manufacturer as well as shipping insurance on any
returned modules or equipment being sent to manufacturer and to obtain a shipping tracking number for proof of shipment. The manufacturer
makes no guarantees, written or expressed, as to the length of time required to replace or repair equipment. UPS (United Parcel Service) or FedEx
is recommended when shipping equipment to manufacturer. BrainMaster Technologies Inc. does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for
lost or stolen shipments. BrainMaster Technologies Inc. will cover the shipping and handling costs of returning the device to the client during
the first 90 day period of warranty only. There is no charge for telephone or email contacts made in connection with product defects during the
covered warranty period. Parts and labor shall be covered by the Limited Warranty as well as Extended Warranty period.

A complimentary 12 month extended warranty is included with all device purchases which also include a fully packaged software system.
Limited and/or Extended Warranty coverage will be voided and does not apply if any of the following pertain:

1. Device or module has been altered or repaired by anyone other than the manufacturer.
2. Improper connection or disconnection with any electrical device has damaged the module or device.
3. BrainMaster device has been damaged by an act of God, accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, tampering, improper or unauthorized
maintenance or repairs, use contrary to published instruction, negligence, or any other use other than the product’s intended use as set
forth in the company’s specifications.
4. The device has suffered damage from a blow or external trauma.
5. The device has suffered cosmetic damage, burns, water damage, punctures, or cuts by sharp objects.
6. The device has been resold or in the hands of a different owner other than the original purchaser other than an authorized reseller.

The sole remedy under this warranty is the repair or replacement of the device. (Replacement shall be deemed available at the sole discretion
of the manufacturer.) This warranty does not cover replacement of outdated devices or parts due to industry obsolescence. In no event shall the
manufacturer be liable or responsible for any financial, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages for breach of any expression of implied
warranty. BrainMaster Technologies, Inc., its owners, officers, employees, or independent resellers shall not be liable for any loss of use under
any circumstances.

Out of Warranty Policy
Should a BrainMaster Mini-Q I/II, 2E, 2EB, 2EW, Atlantis I/II, Discovery 20 or 24 device fail outside of the warranty period, the minimum cost for
inspecting a defective unit is $100.00 plus additional labor will be billed the client at $100.00 minimum fee for up to the first twenty five minute
service, plus all parts and shipping/handling fees.
Return BrainMaster Registration Form 531-019 upon receipt of equipment. Obtain RGA# for warranty or upgrade returns.

When you place an order with us, we request your name, billing address, shipping address, credit card number and expiration date, and email address. We consider this information to be private, and we keep this information on a secure server to protect it from outside parties. We use the information only for the limited purposes of processing your orders, administering our site, notifying you of products or special offers that may be of interest to you (only if you select to be included on out mailing list). We do not share your private information with anyone.

We will ship your online order within 2-5 business days unless the items you are ordering are on backorder. If Items are on backorder they will ship within 48 hours of arriving to our facility. Please note, overnight orders received after Noon EST will be shipped the next business day to allow time for processing and handling.

Neurofeedback (aka EEG biofeedback or brainwave training) is sold to or on the order of a licensed practitioner for relaxation purposes with the intended use of incorporation into practitioners practice, research or personal use. To be used within the scope of practitioners “State Licensing Guidelines Only”.

International orders may be subject to additional fees. Please check with your country’s custom’s regulations before ordering.

These commodities, technologies, and/or software are exported from the U.S. in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

30 day Return Policy with 25% Restocking Fee

No refunds or returns on software, passkeys, and items of hygienic nature. No equipment refunds after 30 days of the purchase. 25% restocking fee policy is in effect for device returns accompanied by an RGA number and written approval prior to 30 days of original shipping date only. 25% restocking fee on BrainMaster direct products only, 35% restocking fee on BrainMaster private labeled products. No refunds for used devices. Clients who purchased through a Reseller company must follow Resellers Return Policy only. Past due invoices/warranty returns will be charged interest: 30-60 days late – 5% per annum; 61 days and over – 10% per annum of total invoice amount.

It is not uncommon in the neurofeedback and biofeedback business to find that an individual has acquired a piece of equipment that was originally sold to another party, an institution, or a reseller. Sometimes such equipment is sold, moved, donated, or otherwise finds itself in a different ownership than that on record. In such cases, the current owners may contact us for further sales or support, for equipment now in a different environment or with a different owner.
It is our policy that follow-up, upgrades, warranties or additional equipment or software can generally be sold only to the original purchaser on record. If equipment changes ownership, then BrainMaster has the right to request a copy of the new owners license and request authorization confirmation from the supervising practitioner of record.

All biofeedback equipment is considered medical equipment. It is each individual’s responsibility to comply with state and federal laws related to the sale and use of said equipment.
BrainMaster assumes no responsibility for the actions that are out of its control.

BrainMaster does not condone the unauthorized use of equipment. This is necessary in order to comply with the labeling requirements as defined by the US FDA (per 510K 990538).
Under no circumstances should unlicensed individuals purchase or use neurofeedback equipment, unless personally and properly supervised by a licensed practitioner.

Unlicensed individuals should never use medical equipment on other individuals without appropriate, direct and licensed supervision. To do so may be interpreted as practicing medicine without a license.  Please check your state biofeedback regulations.
Licensed practitioners retain sole responsibility for claims made, marketing and use of BrainMaster equipment and systems within the scope of their respective State license.

Electrode Care
Please note: BrainMaster sells multiple types of electrodes; gold, tin and silver, these should never be mixed with use on patients. You must use the same metal type in all electrodes during a recording or your collected data will not be valid. Each metal type has its own properties and will cause an unstable recording environment if mixed. Always use the same type of electrodes (gold, silver, tin) when connecting a patient. Do not mix metals as this can degrade system performance and cause inaccurate readings. Prior to hooking up a patient
  1. Inspect all lead wires for cracks and kinks in the wiring. Pay close attention to the ends nearest the female connector and the connection closest to the electrode itself as these areas tend to crack and break the easiest.
  2. Inspect the electrode itself for any corrosion, or loss of metal plating as this will affect your ability to acquire clean, low impedance, low dc offset (Discovery only) recordings.
  3. If damage to an electrode is suspected do not use it.
Always visually inspect all electrodes prior to use as cracked or damaged leads can cause inaccurate readings. After your session
  1. Immediately after your session remove excess material and then soak your electrodes (cup end only) in warm soapy water for approximately 20 minutes to loosen up the remaining paste. Avoid submerging the female connector jack in water if possible.
  2. Clean your electrodes using warm running water and a q-tip or other non-abrasive items to remove all remaining paste from the electrode.
  3. Remove excess liquid by wiping the electrode down with a paper towel and hang them to dry. If they are needed immediately ensure that the electrode is completely dry using a paper towel or other non-abrasive cloth.
Other Considerations The cleaning instructions above can be used with the Electro-Cap Ear-Clips only. Consult the Electro-Cap manual for care and cleaning procedures for your Electro-Cap. Electrodes WILL need to be replaced eventually they will not last forever, however proper care will ensure that your electrodes will last. The typical life of an electrode depends on several factors:
  1. The type of metal (Gold, Tin or Silver)
  2. The amount of use they receive Once a week verses several times a day
  3. How well they are cared for
How Long will my Electrodes Last?
  • Gold and Silver electrodes can last up to 2 years, depending on usage and care.
  • Tin electrodes can last from 6 months to a year
Electrodes Warranty
BrainMaster recommends replacing your electrodes at minimum in 6 month cycles in order to maintain proper functioning equipment. Please note: BrainMaster only warranties your electrodes for 90-days from the time of purchase as they are considered a consumable item. Please inspect all electrodes upon receipt for damage. Consult your BrainMaster Warranty for further information or contact BrainMaster Support at 1-440-232-6000 M-F 9:30 – 6:00 PM EST or email with any questions.

Electro-Cap Warranty
Electro-Cap International Inc.’s limited warranty provides for repair or replacement of any item that, due to defects in materials or workmanship, fails to function properly within ninety (90) days from receipt. Following the warranty period, there will be a nominal charge for repair of Electro-Caps. Broken wires at the mount, inside the cap or at the connector plugs, connectors and electrode mounts are considered repairable. If malfunctions are experienced, the cap can be returned to Electro-Cap International, Inc. for evaluation and repair. Normally the items will be repaired and shipped within 48 hours from receipt. Electro-Caps, when properly used and maintained, can be used for approximately 300 to 600 applications. Elasticity of the material dictates the life of the cap. When a cap becomes stretched and loses its elasticity, it must be discarded and replaced as the electrode placements will be inaccurate and artifacts will occur more often.