BrainAvatar 4.0

BrainAvatar incorporates technology including BrainMaster’s Discovery, Freedom and Atlantis hardware devices, extensive signal processing and graphics software, and an exclusive high-speed sLORETA (standardized low-resolution electromagnetic brain tomography) voxel processor and 3D image projector. BrainAvatar is a full-featured clinical system, registered with the US FDA for professional clinical use, and with a CE mark in Europe as a medically qualified biofeedback, monitoring, and imaging system.

The Benefits of BrainAvatar

Neurofeedback Training

A streamlined tabbed interface provides multiple screens at the press of a button. View raw or filtered wave forms, control panels, feedback screens, or reports at anytime. A separate screen for trainee with its own 8 tabs provides versatile training displays. New 2D and 3D displays improve clarity and quality of displays. Our innovative Z-Builder allows you to build training norms based on your clients, to provide individualized training, with or without Z-Scores. BrainAvatar Training software provides up to 24 channels of signal processing and training. Combine conventional training using power and connectivity measures with Z-Score training.

Live sLORETA Projector

A new method for brain imaging was constructed by combining the sLORETA localization algorithm with a reference database. Using this approach, it is possible to reconstruct brain electrical activity in real-time, and produce accurate 3D images of brain activation in a range of EEG component bands. All 6,239 voxels of brain activity are computed in real-time (8 frames per second) in 8 frequency bands, and converted into Z-Scores reflecting the instantaneous current-source density compared to a normative population.

Brain Avatar Analysis

Analysis is a powerful new function that brings basic qEEG functions into the BrainAvatar software. With this option, it is possible to select segments of EEG and perform a statistical analysis that provides Z-Scores, text summaries, surface maps, sLORETA 3-D images, and Excel spreadsheets containing summary data. Analysis provides summary values for power and connectivity metrics expressed as Z-Scores, providing a fast and useful mini-assessment. While this is not a replacement for a full qEEG report, and it does not include discriminants or other advanced functions, it is an excellent way to get a basic set of summary maps and values based on normative comparisons, without having to use additional software or services.

Affiliate Membership

When you purchase a BrainMaster Neurofeedback or qEEG system ( Freedom, Discovery or Atlantis series) not only do you own the finest neurofeedback/qEEG system available, but you are now automatically member of our BrainMaster family. Click here to learn more about our Affiliate Membership Programs