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Handbook of Clinical QEEG

Technical Foundations
of Neurofeedback

by Thomas Collura PhD, QEEG-D, BCN, LPC
Technical Foundations of Neurofeedback provides, for the first time, an authoritative and complete account of the scientific and technical basis of EEG biofeedback. Beginning with the physiological origins of EEG rhythms, Collura describes the basis of measuring brain activity from the scalp and how brain rhythms reflect key brain regulatory processes.
Handbook of Clinical QEEG

Handbook of Clinical QEEG
and Neurotherapy

Edited by Thomas Collura and Jon A. Frederick
This book is an essential resource describing a wide range of approaches and technologies in the areas of quantitative EEG (QEEG) and Neurotherapy, including Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation. It emphasizes practical, clinically useful methods, reported by experienced clinicians who have developed and used these approaches first hand.

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