VISTA MIDI Mapper for selecting MIDI output device

The attached file provides a "MIDI Mapper" for Vista that allows users to select their Default MIDI Playback device.

It is necessary to select your MIDI Playback Device if you are having problems starting the BrainMaster software (getting a MIDI Error), or if you want to change your MIDI Playback Device, for example to an external keyboard.

To use this mapper, do the following:

Save the attachment "PLWMidiMap.cpl" to the directory C:\windows\System32 on your PC.

Than start your Windows Control Panel on your PC.  This is usually available off the main start control on the lower left of the screen.

Set your Control Panel browser for "Classic View".  Look for the Icon as shown below, and double-click on it.

You should now see the MIDIMapper.. Check to see what is the Default Device.   You may need to check around in the Control Panel or Hardware Device Manager to ensure that the Default Device is installed and working properly.

Select the MIDI output device you want, and press "Apply" and "Close"

The PC will now have the selected MIDI Playback Device set as the Default.

This should solve a variety of MIDI-related problems using VISTA.

For further details on this MIDI Mapper (in German), see:

 For those interested, the following explains what is happening "underneath" in the Vista registry;

The registry value MidiOutId in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\d evenum\{4EFE2452-168A-11D1-BC76-00C04FB9453B}\Default MidiOut Device\ needs to be set to the MidiOutId (DWORD) of the device you want. All your devices will have their own keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveMovie\d evenum\{4EFE2452-168A-11D1-BC76-00C04FB9453B}. Find the device you want and check its MidiOutId and put that value in the Default MidiOut Device\MidiOutId value.



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