This notice is to inform you of a recent issue arising with our flash player games. Adobe has discontinued all support for flash, and is considered a dead product. As of January 12th, 2021, Adobe will block all content from running through Flash Player. Even though our software is not web based, Windows will still block our flash player. Only our complimentary Flash Player games are impacted. This does not impact ANY multi-media applications (BMrDVD, BMrMMP, Dimmer, ect.). All MMP features will continue to work undisturbed, but for now, you will not be able to use any of the free flash games. We are aware of this situation, and have created a brand new Game Interface called AppMachine as a solution to this.

The new AppMachine Solution utilizes HTML-Generated Games, rather than the FlashPlayer Architecture.  The AppMachine is included in the latest version of the BrainAvatar Software is the AppMachine, which contains all currently available games that were converted from the FlashPlayer system.  As new games become available, they will be added to newer releases of Software.

BrainMaster Technologies Inc.